Data Structured Cabling : the Lifeline of any Business

What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is the foundation of a successful intelligent building network and the basic investment on which all other network equipment relies on. Without structured cabling, you have no network.

Information Technology is the foundation for most businesses. To protect your business, a solid structured cabling system is imperative.

Why is Structured Cabling Important?

With the never ending advancements in technology, the way we work, communicate, shop, entertain and travel are all drastically different than just a few short years ago. The speed at which we process information is faster than ever. But is that fast enough for the future?

The growth of technology has left a lot of band aids in organizational infrastructure. When these band aids fail, networks fail, resulting in thousands of dollars in network repair and company downtime.

Now, more than ever, because of the way our lives are dependent on technology, businesses need to focus on IT basics - the supporting infrastructure that distributes vital company business information throughout the organization.

Are you comfortable with your Bandwidth?

Emerging bandwidth-intensive applications - like voice over IP, IP-based videoconferencing and digital audio and video - are readily available to businesses of all sizes. To accommodate new, high tech applications, a reliable, high-performance IT cabling foundation is key.

What Industries use Structured Cabling

  • Education
  • Industrial/Warehousing
  • Business
  • Health Care
  • Agriculture
  • Outdoor (parks & recreation)
  • Construction/Architectural
  • Places of Worship

Structured Cabling

  • Low Voltage Cabling
  • Data Cables
  • Wireless
  • Communication Lines
  • Coax
  • Security Cameras

TC Networks Advantages

  • Highest quality materials
  • Documentation and Labeling
  • Technical background
  • 18 years of experience
  • We have industry experts to handle all aspects of the project

Our Process

| Building Analysis

- Optimization of Cable Runs
- Calculation of linear footage

| Consultation

   - Provide scope and bid

| Set up & execution of project

   - Communication with building and grounds.

| Report, Label and Document all Cable Runs

Our Best Practices

  • Cabling always protected through open air
  • Leverage conduit (protection and space for future runs)
  • J Hooks.
  • We think about the future.
  • Only use the best materials for now and future.
  • Cabling organization and cable management


TC Networks, Inc brings a wealth of industry knowledge. Our certified engineers work daily in the information technology environment and have a great understanding of the structured cabling process. Below are images comparing our installation process to other competitors.

Client Testimonials

I have been very happy with the way this project has come together. All of the staff I have worked with have been friendly and respectful of our time, and I would say have gone over and above in many cases. I enjoy finding a company that has our interests at heart as well as promoting their company. Thank you and please pass along my thanks to those who worked on our project.
— Sue Eldridge Principal, Sacred Heart School Boone, IA
Hodge had a small AP installation project and TC Networks completed the job in a timely and efficient manner with little interruption to our daily operations.
— Duncan Marshall Manager, Training and Technology Hodge Company Dubuque, IA
TC Network’s Cabling Team was outstanding during our wireless project install. Several of our districts employees commented to me how impressed they were with the professionalism of the team and their attention to detail. The quality of work was better than I even expected, especially in our switch closets. They did an outstanding job and I am very pleased with the end result.
— Jason Dennhardt Information Technology Director Riverdale School District Port Byron, IL

For more information or to schedule an on-site evaluation, please call TC Networks at 563-580-3178.