General Engineering Services  

So, your company has a technician on staff but this person occasionally or consistently needs an information technology expert engineer to bounce ideas off of.  Your technician is really solid at setting up computers, printers and phone lines, but struggles with the back end technology that is the core of your network.  

A General Engineering Services agreement brings a client the comfort of having a knowledgeable, multi- certified, cross-platformed, information technology consulting company only a phone call away. TC Networks engineers have dealt with just about every scenario imaginable involving IT issues - we WILL solve your problems.  

Below is a sampling of services that TC Networks can assist your company with.  The following list is not all inclusive.

    •    Engaging on system maintenance reviews

    •    System security 

    •    Infrastructure stability

    •    Policy implementation

    •    Ensuring documentation and asset inventory is accurate

    •    Technical project planning and implementation

    •    Technical advisement on potential purchases

    •    Assisting technicians with guidance to resolve technological issues

    •    Server and network maintenance

    •    Client and mobile device support

How does a General Engineering Services (GES) partnership work? 

TC Networks offers clients blocks of hours to be purchased throughout a year.  

GES clients receive a dedicated communication line for quick responses and the pre-purchased hours can be used in any capacity needed.  We are proud to share that our average response time is less than 24 hours - well below industry average.