wireless doesn't

have to be



No Controller, Just Clouds

At TC Networks, Inc we strongly believe in doing things in a way that make sense. Unfortunately, the wireless industry is a bit behind the times. For this reason, we brought on Aerohive Networks as our enterprise grade wireless solution. Why? Well, it just makes sense!

Have you asked yourself, “does my controller have the capacity to add more APs?”, or “how am I going to get wireless at our new offsite location?”. Those questions are no more with Aerohive. Their fresh approach to wireless leverages the cooperative control protocol. You see, in traditional wireless, APs talk to their controller to make decisions. In an Aerohive network, APs talk to each other to make decisions. The cloud is just a piece of the puzzle that centralizes configuration and data gathering. Doesn’t that just make sense?

Does Enterprise have to look and feel Enterprise?

We’ve all seen it. A web interface that requires Java (yes, confirm the security exception, don’t worry about it), Internet Explorer 3.0, etc… How about HTML5, not requiring Java, built in powerful yet easy to use workflows, and beautiful mapping?

Aerohive NG at your service!

Does it have to cost enterprise?

Removing the cost of the controller is huge. HUGE I tell you. It frees you up to deploy as needed, upgrade technology as deemed necessary, expand to wherever whenever!

Aerohive offers a new solution to mitigate cost concerns yet still get most enterprise grade functionality. Aerohive Connect gets you up and running at a fraction of the cost (free).






Groundbreaking Tech

Earth shattering Costs

Who is Ubiquiti & Why?

Robert Pera, Founder & CEO, started Ubiquiti on next to nothing with a single idea, build his own low-cost, high performance WiFi access point. Turns out the market liked the idea and the rest is history.

Ubiquiti Networks® develops high-performance networking technology for service providers and enterprises. Their technology platforms focus on delivering highly advanced and easily deployable solutions that appeal to a global customer base in underserved and underpenetrated markets.  Their differentiated business model has enabled them to break down traditional barriers such as high product and network deployment costs and offer solutions with disruptive price-performance characteristics. This differentiated business model, combined with innovative proprietary technologies, has resulted in an attractive alternative to traditional high-touch, high-cost providers, allowing them to advance the market adoption of their platforms for ubiquitous connectivity.


There’s so many different environments their technology is useful, it’s hard to describe all of them. Let’s start with their outdoor applications, our favorite for Ubiquiti products. They excel at this with Point-to-Multi/Point links. Need to get wireless signal to a location miles away? No problem. See their AirMax and AirFiber technologies. Now see if anyone else on the market can do it the same, at that price point…

Another great product they have is their UniFi. This line is what devices connect to. It includes amazing products such as their UniFi Mesh APs (our favorite in Campground deployments), or cost effective solutions for small business applications.

Use Case

We’re here to set up our customers for success. That’s why it is critically important you understand where systems are good at, and maybe not the best fit. Unbelievable in outdoor applications, and small business scenarios. Second to none in total value. Add in their very easy to use management interfaces and you’re set. At this point where Ubiquiti isn’t is in large scale deployments. With the easy management system, you might not gain access to more advanced technologies needed to manage an enterprise environment. Talk to us at TC Networks to determine what is going to be the best fit for you.